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Holeshot Punx is an idea that originated in school at boring mathematics lectures. At the time, we were a bunch of young guys trying to get closer to their American role models. We loved our sports like Freeride, Downhill, Motocross as well as today. We spent a lot of time together, racing, traveling, sleeping in vans and breaking up at parties. Our common passion for extreme sports and inseparable friendship naturally led us to put it all under something where we could belong. We came up with the name, our fella drew a logo for us, and so the identity of the Holeshot Punx riders crew was created. Not only did we belong there, but this idea also engulfed other people who sympathized with this lifestyle. It didn't take long and there was the first outfit with our logo in the world. The clothes were a great success, so it motivated us to produce more models and we flew over various graphics. We fell in love with the process of creating and producing clothes. This is how the Holeshot Punx brand was created, which was later used by the abbreviation HSP.

HSP BandW.jpg
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